We provide consultation services and present skill-based educational workshops for school districts, organizations, and individuals. If requested, we collect and summarize data related to the workshops. Validated social and academic programs that are available for schools, homes, and workplaces will be used in our workshops.


  • Cooperation and teamwork are the cornerstones for building lifelong skills needed to establish and maintain stable relationships, successful careers, and productive communities.
  • Specific social skills instruction helps children become confident and competent as they build a foundation for more sophisticated social learning as they mature.
  • Adults can continue to foster professional and personal growth by strengthening communication, leadership, and relationship skills.
  • Individuals can learn skills to strengthen resiliency to stress, increase vitality and well being, and boost performance.
  • Learning at any age is optimized when education occurs in an emotionally and physically safe, respectful, and peaceful environment and when learners are engaged in authentic and meaningful activities.
  • Children and adults can learn skills and strategies for a variety of social and academic situations that they can use to increase opportunities for success at school, work, or home.

Workshop topics include:

  • Leadership and teamwork strategies
  • Skills for creating supportive, respectful learning communities
  • Strategies for creating meaningful engagement opportunities
  • Social skills for children and youth
  • Oral language skills for youth
  • Stress management and resiliency skills for educators
  • Stress management skills for families
  • Relationships, communication, and skill building for families