Anger Management Classes

Dates and Times TBD

@ 211 E 8th, Ste C, Lawrence

Anger Management classes are based on a foundation of research and expertise in the fields of education, mental health, and neuroscience. Our course combines a cognitive-behavioral approach with biofeedback to help individuals: manage physical symptoms of anger, develop an understanding of how anger impacts life and others, learn strategies and skills for coping with anger, learn alternatives to behaviors that are emotionally and physiologically destructive, gain an awareness of physical reactions to anger, and how to modify those physiological responses, and to generalize the modified reactions to novel situations. The introductory course is 3 hours at a cost of $150. Research-based materials will be used as a resource to supplement counseling and educational classes with no expense to participants. After the introductory session, one-hour follow-up sessions are recommended. Subsequent sessions are $60 per hour. Individuals may also schedule the three-hour class as individual sessions.

Instructors: Sue Vernon, Ph.D. & Kristin Vernon, LSCSW

Please pre-register using this form or call us at 785.371.6554.

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