Good Progress Clinic

Date and time TBA

@ 211 E 8th, Ste C, Lawrence

The Good Progress Clinic is a series of 90-minute sessions that are designed primarily for students who have attended the Good Start Clinic; however, all students in 3rd through 5th grade are welcome. A list of social skills that we will teach will be sent to parents who are interested in having their child (or children) attend. We will initially survey parents and ask them to prioritize the order in which skills are taught or suggest other skills they would like taught. Examples of skills that will be offered include resisting peer pressure, asking for help, organizing a backpack or locker at school, following instructions, reporting whereabouts, accepting change, coping with disappointment, anger control, or successfully completing a chore. One or two skills will be offered each session (depending on the complexity and sophistication of the skill) and participants will practice the skill(s) with fun, hands on activities in a safe, supportive environment. The Clinic will be held once a month on a day convenient for parents. The first clinic will be scheduled when we have at least four students interested.

Instructors: Sue Vernon, Ph.D.,  and Kristin Vernon, LSCSW

$25 per session at the time of each session. Sibling discount available.

Please pre-register students using this form or call us at 785.371.6554.

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