A Good Start

Students engage in hands-on activities to learn skills

Students engage in hands-on activities to learn skills

Date and Time TBA

@ 211 E 8th, Ste C, Lawrence

Students will learn about working cooperatively in groups, making friends, and getting along better with others. In this clinic, we will introduce skills such as sharing ideas, giving compliments, offering help, exercising self-control and how body language (voice tone, facial expression, eye contact, posture) affects what is said. Students will have fun opportunities to practice friendship and life skills in an emotionally safe environment.

Instructors: Sue Vernon, Ph.D.,  Kristin Vernon, LSCSW, & Kevin Kivela

$60 per session at the time of each session or pre-pay $100 for the two days. A discount for siblings is available.

Please pre-register students using this form or call us at 785.371.6554.

"It is fun and I will remember the steps (of the skills). It was really fun."

− a participant

"I think I’m going to use these skills. I loved all of the activities—they are fun and we learn active. I think this can benefit every kid because no one is perfect. I pretty much love everything that happened here. It was really fun. Thank you for everything!"

− a participant

"I am very satisfied with the skills because then you can be good to other people. I like doing the activities because they helped."

− a participant

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