Heart Math

Dates and Times TBD

@ 211 E 8th, Ste C, Lawrence

Have you noticed how much energy and stamina it seems to take to succeed in today¹s climate? We all need skills to cope with everyday events, especially when anxiety, stress or anger, for example, interfere with life. The Institute of HeartMath has developed a program with a foundation in neuroscience that helps individuals learn research-based skills to boost performance, improve relationships and strengthen resiliency. The technology used with the program provides real-time physiological feedback (using a noninvasive fingertip or earlobe sensor) that serves as a powerful aid in the process of learning to recognize and develop a shift to healthy physiological functioning. The techniques are being successfully used in a variety of settings including hospitals, law enforcement agencies, colleges and K-12 schools, mental health centers, and corporations and with athletes, for example, to manage anxiety, stress, and increase focus. A Licensed Instructor will introduce the skills and techniques.

Instructor: Sue Vernon, Ph.D.

Please pre-register using this form or call us at 785.371.6554.

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