HeartMath Instruction for Students — SPECIAL

Manage pressure, stress or anxiety

  • Manage emotions
  • Control impulses
  • Increase focus and think more clearly
  • Build resiliency


What is HeartMath?

HeartMath programs offer individuals age‐appropriate tools to help recognize and manage pressure or stress,
control emotions, and counter the effects of performance anxiety (e.g., tests, sports, public speaking). Emotional
flexibility and resilience serve as a foundation for academic and social success, and with practice, individuals
can gain greater mental and emotional balance. Individuals practice techniques they learn on a computer with
easy‐to‐use software with a heart-rhythm monitor that includes a non-invasive fingertip or earlobe

The HeartMath Instruction Special is available for students in 2nd grade through college.


  • $50 per 60-min session for individuals
  • $40 per person per small group 60-minute session (2 or 3 students). Siblings welcome.
  • Sessions may be scheduled Monday through Saturday at a time convenient for you.

Sue Vernon, Ph.D., is certified in Biofeedback and is a licensed Resilient Educator and certified Personal Resilience Coach.

If you would like an appointment or are interested in learning more about HeartMath, please complete the contact page below or call us at 785.371.6554.

Instructor: Sue Vernon, Ph.D.

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