Parents Can R.E.L.A.T.E.

Dates and Times TBD

@ 211 E 8th, Ste C, Lawrence

This six-week series of research-based, educational workshops focuses on helping parents and their children learn skills to relate openly and effectively with each other, enhance family relationships and address challenging behavior. Parents will learn how to foster the development of their children’s self-control and coach them in learning life skills while creating a safe, supportive home environment. In addition, parents will be introduced to a practical, down-to-earth, program that teaches specific skills for de-stressing and bringing more balance and ease into their daily lives. Each family, of course, has unique needs. Workshops are flexible and will address the individual needs of each family. Participants will be able to adapt the skills to fit their own family situations. The first session will be scheduled when we have four to six families interested in attending the workshops.

Instructors: Sue Vernon, Ph.D. & Kristin Vernon, LSCSW

$20 per session for one parent
$30 per session for couples

Please pre-register using this form or call us at 785.371.6554.

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