The Cooperative Thinking Strategies are a group of strategies students can use to think and work productively together. These instructional programs provide ways for teachers to accommodate a diversity of learners in inclusive classrooms and enable students to learn complex higher-order thinking skills that they can use to work together harmoniously with others in school, leisure, family, community, and work settings.

Cooperative Thinking Strategies

Community Building

Developed as a part of the “safe schools” movement, the Community Building Series was designed for teachers to help students learn important skills that can turn every classroom into a respectful and supportive learning community.

Community Building Series

Oral Language

The three interactive, multimedia CD programs in the Speaking with Power Series are designed to enable students to learn strategies related to the complexities of spoken language at levels required in middle and high school. The strategies are designed to help students listen, identify critical information, and effectively deliver that information to a variety of audiences.

Oral Language

Social Skills

The Socially Wise Program is an interactive multimedia program for teaching social skills to adolescents. The CD program provides self-paced instruction for youth in skills to enhance relationships with adults and peers and provide alternatives for behaving in situations that have the potential to result in negative consequences for youth if not handled appropriately.

Socially Wise

Resilient Educator

Today it just seems to take more energy and stamina to teach successfully whether it’s mastering new subject matter, addressing diverse student needs, teaching to different learning styles, implementing regular assessments, learning to use new technology, maintaining classroom order, managing time, or just making sure all students make Adequate Yearly Progress. The toll from these ever increasing expectations can weigh heavily, leading to costly early retirement, career changes, increased sick days, health issues, lower morale, and greater job dissatisfaction. To stay the course in today’s educational climate, educators need new skills and strategies to become effective and more resilient.