Resilient Educator Instruction

Today it just seems to take more energy and stamina to teach successfully whether it’s mastering new subject matter, addressing diverse student needs, teaching to different learning styles, implementing regular assessments, learning to use new technology, maintaining classroom order, managing time, or just making sure all students make Adequate Yearly Progress. The toll from these ever increasing expectations can weigh heavily, leading to costly early retirement, career changes, increased sick days, health issues, lower morale, and greater job dissatisfaction. To stay the course in today’s educational climate, educators need new skills and strategies to become effective and more resilient.

The Resilient Educator is a highly-relevant training program that helps educators boost performance, improve school relationships and strengthen resilience. The program’s solid foundation in neuroscience includes scientifically-validated techniques that are easy to learn and help rekindle educators’ motivation and energy. Practical tools and strategies can be used to neutralize stressful emotions, enhance decision-making, help educators to think more clearly in the moment, and improve communication and school culture. Supplemental learning programs that help students improve attitudes, relationships, and test scores are also available.

The organization behind the program is the Institute of HeartMath, an internationally-acclaimed research and education center. HeartMath carries out research in areas like emotional physiology, heart-brain interactions, and the physiology of learning and performance. HeartMath has worked with people from a wide range of organizations like Stanford University, Royal Dutch Shell, several US Olympic teams, the FBI and over 500 school districts throughout the country.

Dr. Vernon is a licensed Resilient Educator Instructor.